Filmmaking Workshop Wien

    SYSPLEX Filmmaking Workshop is a 3-day, intensive, hands-on workshop for current and future filmmakers who want to learn fast, simple and effective filmmaking techniques.


Sysplex Filmmaking Workshop is coming in 2016. The date of workshop is adapted to the needs of participants.

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Who we are and what you ill get in this workshop

SYSPLEX Filmmaking Workshop is a 3-day, intensive, hands-on workshop for current and future filmmakers
who want to learn fast, simple and effective filmmaking techniques.

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  • Shot types
  • Physology behind shots
  • Moving image: Parallax
  • Types of camera moves
  • How camera moves emphasize emotion.
  • Camera handling
  • Hands-on dolly, slider, crane, gimbal.

Teamwork: Shooting of a scene with different techniques.


We are planning, and shooting and editing and action scene.

  • Planning a complex scene: shots, movements, production plan
  • Teamwork: Shooing the scene, one part each teams
    • Using the RED Epic Dragon cameras
    • gimbal, crane, dolly
    • Drone for Aerials.


  • Introduction to editing, Edit types
  • Tips & tricks how to plan your shoot to be editable
  • Teamwork: Edit of a complex action scene
  • Introduction to color grading and how to mach different cameras
  • VFX: cheap tricks that looks expensive: Multi layer crowd, time-slice, carousel camera
  • Teamwork: plan and shoot a scene for vfx
  • Teamwork: edit and composite a vfx scene



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Sysplex: What we are good at

In the past ten years we’ve made four feature films, various shorts and many-many TV and internet commercials.

  • We work with high-routine, award-winner experts (4 Goldeneye Awards)
  • We use professional technology which guarantees cinema quality
  • International festival appearances and awards: (Los Angeles Short Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, Kingston NY Film Festival, Catalina Film Festival California, ÉCU European Independent Film Festival, Cinfefest)


Filmmaking for the future filmmakers

The workshop includes on-location hands-on camera work and consultation, as participants work together in teams to complete individual tasks.

Participants will be able to work with professional cinema grade cameras (like the RED EPIC Dragon 35mm digital cinema camera) using various grip equipment (4K Drone, Freefly Mövi) and try out professional color grading solutions (like Assimilate Scratch system).

None. But we ask all participants to answer to a questionnaire to let us adjust the style of the class to their needs and create the teams accordingly.

Best film practices

It focuses on the fundamental, sensible, easily applied skills. Participants will quickly become adept at real-world situations through demonstrations, Q&A’s, and hands-on practices.

You will learn the tips and tricks to creating cinema grade results without a big budget.

Our philosophy is to demystify filmmaking by teaching easy-to-learn and practical-to-use techniques. We emphasize hands-on practice over textbook theories.

Ideal for first time filmmakers, professional and amateur photographers who want to expand their knowledge and anyone interested in filmmaking.


Our instructors are experienced filmmakers, they have been working in the field of commercial television programs for  over 10 and 15 years.
Peter Deak

Peter Deak

Started his film career as a teenage reporter at the Hungarian National Television. Peter’s interest in filmmaking culminated after the completion of his first short film when he was 17. ’Blackout’ won many Hungarian and International awards and accolades. During is freshman year at university he directed another short film ’Contrast’ which was in competition at the Hungarian Film Week, becoming and still being the youngest entrant director ever.

In 2008 he became the co-founder of Sysplex, a company with the profile of production, post-production and camera rental services. As a producer he has worked on many feature films, short films and commercials. His company co-produced the first Hungarian feature length thriller and the first Hungarian 3D feature films.

He produced and directed many Hungarian and international TV and internet commercials and short films.

„Our films, Choice 3D and Blood and High Heels premiered at the Cannes Film Festival; The Chronicler screened in the official program of the Catalina Film Festival California, Split Perfect got an Academy Award Qualification and selected for the Los Angeles Short Film Festival. Our latest short film, Banned Music premiered in Los Angeles in late 2014.”

He’s currently working on two horror feature films and on a thriller called 3Lives starring Thora Birch.

Work and other memberships

  • co-CEO, producer at SYSPLEX Ltd.
  • CEO – SYSPLEX Film Ltd.
  • Member of the Hungarian Film Academy

Zsolt Fekete

Zsolt Fekete

My name is Zsolt Fekete, I'm the production manager at Sysplex Film and Media. I've been making films for over 12 years. I've taken part in various productions, from television programs through feature documentaries and a number of commercials. I believe in quality filmmaking, where creative concepts meet smart solutions. I studied media skills in college, but these solutions come from the experience I've gained through the years, which I wish to share at the seminars.